ATM Site construction Including Civil Works

The tenderer shall visit and inspect the site and obtain all information on his own responsibility and at own cost, which may be necessary for the purpose of quoting and submitting the tender. No excuse or ignorance as to site conditions and local information shall be accepted after awarding of the contract. All costs, charges & expenses that may be incurred in connection with the preparation of his tender shall be borne by him and the Institute accepts no liability whatsoever therefore. Failure by the tenderer to have done all the things, which in accordance with his condition he is deemed to have done shall not relieve the successful tenderer of the responsibility for satisfactory completion of the work as required. As caretakers we carry out regular checks of the ATM premises. Our representatives dutifully record and promptly report any equipment failure and other site problems to the concerned authorities for immediate attention. We ensure that the ATM premises are not encroached upon by squatters, hawkers and any other undesirable elements and maintain a visible presence so that customers are free to transact their business.